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WORKSHOP- Bicycle Repairs


WORKSHOP - Bicycle Repairs North Chingford

At Ashcycles we offer a wide range of bicycle repairs and servicing and have now been doing it over 30 years in North Chingford. We will service any make and type of bike.


Ashcycles Bike Service - £40.00
Recommended every 3-12 months. Depending on use.

Full Safety check
Inspect for wear
Adjust, lubricate and align brakes (will fit new parts if needed*)
Change brake pads if needed*
Adjust, lubricate and align gears (will fit new parts if needed*)
Chain checked and lubricated
Remove and True Wheels
Headset Adjusted
Adjust tyre air pressures
Torq bolts if needed
Adjust Hub bearings
Test Ride

*These tasks are included in the service but not the part costs.
At extra cost we can bleed hydraulic disc brakes, replace bottom brackets and headsets.


Ashcycles Gold Bike Service - £130.00
Recommended every 12-24 months. Depending on use.

In addition to the Ashcycles Service we will;
Bike stripped to the frame
Bottom bracket will be removed, cleaned and refitted ( new replacement can be fitted if needed*)
Frame cleaned and checked for alignment.
Frame checked for damage
Threads cleaned if needed and checked
All other components removed, cleaned and lubricated
Rebuild your bike, components that need replacing will be*

*These tasks are included in the service but not the part costs.


Buggy / Pram Puncture Repair – Normal Valve ( New Tube + fitting) £10.99

Buggy / Pram Puncture Repair – 90 degree Valve ( New Tube + fitting) £11.99